About Us

"Exquisitely made pieces always feel good to wear…"

A family-run brand, Santinni is a luxury womenswear collection, specialising in formal and outer wear crafted from the finest fabrics.
Santinni adopts a bespoke approach to tailoring, and creating a timelessly feminine aesthetic.
 Romanticising a classic era, and inspired by the
eternal sophistication of the Golden Age of film and fashion, we aim to reignite the delightful art of dressing up.
At Santinni, we believe that simplicity, fine natural fabrics, and exquisite craftsmanship stand at the heart of beauty and elegance. We want to present women with pieces inspired by a classical era, yet with a modern twist. Pieces crafted to outlive any trend, and to be cherished for years.
All in a sustainable way… 

Santinni has released two main collections: Santinni 'Classic' Collection and Santinni 'Prêt-à-Couture' Collection.

Our 'Prêt-à-Couture' Collection is entirely crafted by hand in London by British Artisans, and uses only the finest natural fabrics from Italy, France and England.
'Prêt-à-Couture' Collection:  
Our commitment to, and passion, for superior British craftsmanship and eternal elegance is reflected in the caliber of each of our pieces, expertly made in London.
Our collection is inspired by the eternally graceful ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’, its magnificent on-screen wardrobes, and the dream-like sophistication of its silver-screen sirens. The design, superior British craftsmanship, and use of only the finest materials from Italy, France and England, means our pieces are created to last, because exquisitely made pieces always feel good to wear…
Natural, luxurious fabrics-
Only the finest, opulent and natural fabrics are used in our collection- silk, wool, cashmere, linen, leather and organic cotton. We source our fabrics from some of the most renowned mills in Europe, hand-picked for their excellence. Whether its Habotai silk lining from a fourth generation family-owned mill in France, or wool tweed from an eponymous mill in Northern Italy, you will see the same materials and hardware from our collection on the greatest catwalk shows in Paris, London, Milan and New York.
 Superior Craftsmanship-
The pieces themselves are crafted in London, thus making use of the superior craftsmanship of British artisans, as well as reducing the carbon-footprint of our production. We have chosen to work with our atelier in London, not only because they work with some of the biggest names in fashion, but also because we know, the owners look after and respect their employees-exceeding the industry requirements with higher wages and world-class working conditions. Workers rights and welfare are high on our list of priorities.
 Conscious and Sustainable-
The antithesis of fast fashion, our pieces are timeless and classical- they are not influenced by ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ trends and forecasts, that encourage the unconscious and gluttonous consumption of ‘plastic’ fashion. Our pieces are not throwaway fashion. They are investment pieces crafted to perfection from natural and biodegradable materials, that are created to last and be cherished for decades. Having limited edition capsule collections allows us to produce only what we need thus, minimising our impact on the environment. Our environmental impact is further reduced by our short supply chain- there are no intermediaries between our raw material producers and our manufacturers. We are also incredibly proud to announce that our atelier’s robust recycling process ensures zero waste manufacturing.
Our 'Classic' collection (comprised of our non-limited edition outerwear pieces) is curated and designed in our atelier in London, and is crafted in our atelier in Eastern China.